Greentop Technology is capable of effectively and automatically manufacturing the high performance and consistent quality inks through the installation of advanced European automatic equipment.

For Greentop, the issue of the green environmental protection has come true by our robust process with less volatile materials loss during manufacturing and ISO system implementation. Therefore, the high quality products have achieved confidence and applause from the clients.

Our main products: PCB Inks, FPC Inks, Touch Panel Inks & Specialty Inks.

PCB Inks »

  • Solder Mask
  • Etch Resist
  • Legend Inks
  • Hole Plugging Ink

FPC Inks »

  • Solder Mask

Touch Panel Inks »

  • Glass Strippable Mask
  • Etch Resist
  • BM Inks

Specialty Inks »

  • Phosphorescent Ink
  • Ink for Plastics
  • Secondary Image Transfer Resist