Founded in 1995, Greentop Technology Co., Ltd. has established a reputation in PCB industry. Greentop is always a R&D and technology orientation company and produces the leading-edge inks applied to the fields of medical, automobile, 3C, industrial and consumer electronics.

Greentop Technology is the combination of “Green” and “Technology”. Pursuing the green environmental protection indeed inspires our research & development in green products. Greentop has excellent and persistent researchers, great research environment and precise instruments, proceeding the industry-government-academic cooperation, and the capabilities of prompt communication with customers as well as solution feedback in time. Those above are always the driving forces of Greentop continuously devoting herself into the research and development.

Our main products include

  1. Solder Mask, Etch Resist, Legend & Marking, Selective Metallization Resist, Strippable Chemical & Thermal Resist, and LPISM for manufacturing those copper and aluminum clad single-sided, double-sided, and in particular multilayer PCBs.
  2. Inks for Touch Panels such as Etch Resist, Strippable Resist, BM Inks, and Glass Strippable Mask.
  3. Specific functions such as photon harvesting, high reflective & shining, and logo & ID inks use on plastics, etc., other functional inks also at individual client’s request.

The current production capacity of 2500 tons/year is basically manufactured in Taiwan with the combination of mostly advanced European equipment and a robust process. Our market currently extends Taiwan, HK-China, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia.

Our mission

“High quality and reliable products as well as satisfied after-sale services”