PCB Inks

Solder Mask

Greentec 600 Series Spec »

Greentec 600 Series are Liquid Photoimageable Solder Mask (LPISM) suitable for various coating,electrostatic spray coating, etc. Greentec 600 Series are good designed for different metal finished including ENIG, ImAg, HASL and OSP Process. The ImSn and ENEPIG finished also can be well achieved if the proper pretreatment of Cu surface prior to Greentec 600 coating has been performed.

UV Cure
Greenleg 460 G Spec »

Greenleg 460 G Series are UV curable Solder Mask. All of them are suitable for rigid printed circuit boards and excellent in adhesion, heat resistance and chemical resistance, and electric insulation resistance.


  1. Good printablity and resolution with less bleeding compared to competitors.
  2. No particle observation.
  3. Excellent heat and chemical resistance.
  4. Good for Lead-free HASL.

Etch Resist

UV Cure
Greenleg 460 BL Spec »

Greenleg 460 BL Series are UV curable etching resist. The outstanding printing ability can be easily handled, and the higher hardness cured film has strong acid resistance to etchant solution, and can be easily stripped by caustic soda solution.


  1. Outstanding printed trace shape and edge.
  2. Lower UV exposure energy.
  3. High hardness of cured film.
  4. Stripped residue size adjustable by client’s request.

Legend Inks

UV Cure
Greenleg 460 Series Spec »

Greenleg 460 Series are UV Curable Legend Inks. All of them are excellent in printing ability, adhesion and heat resistance.


  1. Excellent printing clear and sharp legend.
  2. Excellent adhesion and heat resistance.
  3. Lower cure energy of white or black color legend Ink by client’s request.

Thermal Cure
Greenleg 240 Series Spec »

Greenleg 240 Series is Thermal Cure Legend Ink. It is excellent in printing ability, adhesion and heat resistance.

Hole Plugging Ink

Greentec 600 PL9F Series Spec »


  1. Good via plugging printability especially for microvias.
  2. For lead-free HASL.

Thermal Cure
Greenleg 240 VIA Spec »


  1. Suitable for blind & buried vias plugging.
  2. Long shelf life and no refrigeration required.
  3. CTE Z of plugged holes ≦90ppm/°C.